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My yoga path started in India where I met my first teacher Helmond after a back injury from a motorcycle accident. We used to practice in the woods near the Parvati river banks.

Leaving India left in me the constant echo of the yoga which I hadn't truly unraveled yet at that time.

I practiced in a few places in Spain and in Israel. 
It was when I met my teacher Shimon Ben Avie that the inner meaning of the Yoga knowledge started to open in me
and flow into my life.
Since then I was Shimon's student and assistant in his teachers training courses as well as teaching  in several places around the world like - Madrid, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Cape Town, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore.
I am teaching classes, workshops and annual courses guiding teachers and practitioners and train teachers. 

My intention is to share the tools of how to liberate the mind and body from all that is hiding the true self.

The yoga tools of asana and philosophy are allowing one to have the opportunity to live life feeling close to oneself and to synchronization -

life that is springing from inner peacefulness, silence, freedom and love.

With gratitude for these tools,

Meital BatOr 



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