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Isa upanishad (advaita vedanta)

purnat purnamudachyate
purnasya purnamadaya
purnameva vashishyate.
זהו השלם
השלם הוא שלם
מהשלם נברא שלם
שלם נולד משלם
השלם תמיש נשאר שלם



Yoga is a tradition of love

The practice of yoga offers  the tools to see all that is not the essence of who we are

and liberate one into freedom in all life aspects

In The Yoga Practice :


Releasing the body's energy and past emotions using: krya, Asana, kundalini,  Mantra


The name Raja is taken from the word-Maharaja -king- reminding to ask- who? what is controlling my life? me or ideas of the mind?

then to return ti inner observation the values that are in our being that has been

taken from the word



Self acknowledgement and reviewing one's inner perspectives on life

with the light the the upanishads and sutra are offering


Submission , being atentive to the whole in every moment knowing that the dharma is cyncronised and actions will flow naturaly from the silence

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